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  Move Scripts - "Little Hunters"  

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These are completed feature length films. They are registered with the Writer's Guild of America and posted on InkTip.com for studio professionals to review. Scripts have been covered by various studios and agents and are ready for production.

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WGAw Reeg. # 1366414
A Horror / Sci-Fi Creature Feature.    Mother Nature Ain't Happy.
"Little Hunters" Promo Sample

Man's encroachment on the environment awakens a sleeping, shape shifting creature that can become any size and shape of monster to exact Mother Nature’s revenge. The Chinook legend of Hatawa Yeltuci is carved in totem poles and celebrated as many creatures. Hatawa is “a bear moving silently,” and Yeltuci is “one that crushes bones.” Vampires have nothing on this beast. If bitten, and you live, you become a Little Hunter... in his forest where no one can hear you scream.

“The Howling” meets “The Thing” at “The Cabin in the Woods”          

Creature animation available via my group in Silicon Valley.


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